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Screen shot 2017 06 22 at 12.18.08 pm article

Internet Sensation Naja Rickette Spills Her Secrets on Abundance

Stop with the rotten tomato bits, already.

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My Father Raised Us – Father's Day After a Family Tragedy

My Father Raised Us – Father's Day After a Family T...

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The Huffington Post

Is Your Social Media Life Making You Lonely? | The Huffington Post

Comparison and loneliness have always been devils, but each are now more prevalent than ever. Because what social media reveals is seldom real.

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Hamelin D'Abell Method Is a Journey of Mind, Body and Spirit Transformation

Yes, transformation is possible.

Screen shot 2017 06 13 at 4.10.20 pm article

My Mississippi Burning: A Tale of Racism and Religious Hypocrisy

Wasn't their venomous hatred a slap in the face to the savior they bowed their heads and wore their Sunday best for?

Mm3 grunge cover copy article

American Grunge 2.0: The Remix

Imagine for a moment that it's the fall of 1993.

Screen shot 2017 06 22 at 11.35.18 am article

From Sightless to Visionary, Dr. Ming Wing Is One Unstoppable Immigrant

"In some ways, I am rescuing myself over and over again with my work."

Ashley black   white lacey dress article

Ashley Black Feature | Winter 2016 Issue of Mirabella Magazine

Imagine a world where you were not imprisoned by the genetic ailments you inherited.

Bbfxdsmw article

Interview With Fashion Icon Betsey Johnson | Summer 2016 Issue, Mirabella Magzine

"A true trend innovator, Betsey has long unapologetically flipped a confident 'middle finger' in the air to the constraints of trends throughout her 50 years in the fashion industry, and she has done so with a smile, a wink and cherry print fabric. Also, a cartwheel or two."

1459192170 screen shot 2016 03 28 at 30913 pm article
Woman's Day

I Love My Birth Mother—But Her Name Was Removed From My Birth Certificate

I lost my mom at age 6, but I am so lucky to have a name printed on my birth certificate that belongs to a woman I admire and revere....

Greg mankis design   human interest article

A Stroll Through the Mind of Artist, Entrepreneur and Internet Sensation Greg Mankis

No human endeavor is without evidence of creativity.

N grief 628x314 article
The Huffington Post

Someday You're Going To Die (But You're Not Dead Yet)

A memory appeared in my Facebook feed today. It was of a girl I once knew - a girl who died six months ago...

Lacey johnson edit 600x315 article

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex's New Partner?

Can you be friends with your ex's partner? We tried...

Screen shot 2017 06 22 at 11.52.37 am article

Yes, You Can Launch a Successful Writing Career From Your Blog

Going beyond it was always my bullseye.

27eb100f72faf7b54243bfcfad2db53a article

Hypnotherapy Helped Me End a Toxic Relationship

One day I was just suddenly free.