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writer. journalist. editor.

Inspired Living. Personal Development. Wellness. Love & Relationships. Social Issues. Celebrity Interviews. Alternative Health. Beauty. Fashion. Pop Culture. History. Travel. Humor.

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Stop What You're Doing and Call Your Mother

I wanted her more than I wanted to be an affluent author. I wanted her more than I wanted romantic love. I wanted her more than I wanted to someday become a mother myself, in fact. It was the single most cavernous source of pain in my life.

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Childhood Tragedy Made Me Terrified of Settling Down | Ravishly

"When I was six years old, my mother and three close family members were killed in a sudden and public tragedy, hurling those of us who survived into a state of emotional upheaval. It was a time when my grandmother was never without a saturated tissue in her hand."

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This Is What It Feels Like When Someone You Love Commits Suicide

I have never judged Kimberly for her decision. After all, I too have found myself at a point where I was not immune to such thoughts. I may not have delved into the same level of heaviness she did, but I have brushed up against it. I...

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Your Jealousy Isn't Flattering

One person’s successful venture or exalting victory — regardless of what it is — does not take away the possibility of anyway else’s. This world is vast, and there is plenty of room for everyone’s love and success stories (if they so desire them)....