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Inspired Living. Personal Development. Wellness. Love & Relationships. Social Issues. Celebrity Interviews. Alternative Health. Beauty. Fashion. Pop Culture. History. Travel. Humor.

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The Huffington Post

Is Your Social Media Life Making You Lonely? | The Huffington Post

Comparison and loneliness have always been devils, but each are now more prevalent than ever. Because what social media reveals is seldom real.

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The Huffington Post

Someday You're Going To Die (But You're Not Dead Yet)

A memory appeared in my Facebook feed today. It was of a girl I once knew - a girl who died six months ago...

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The Huffington Post

How I Survived My Abusive Relationship

This article discusses my personal account of an incredibly serious matter. If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic violence or abuse of an......

The Huffington Post

Why You Should Ignore the Pressure For 'Happily Ever After ...

Why You Should Ignore the Pressure For 'Happily Eve...

2015 12 10 1449762015 2679318 marcelmainimage article
The Huffington Post

How to Transform Your Life This Year

What if periods of misfortune are meant to generate a level of discomfort so intense that we grow desperate enough to become who we really are?

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The Huffington Post

Get Off the Stage and Get in the Moment

May 29, 2015 ... Lacey Johnson Writer, Journalist & Founder of .... Follow Lacey Johnson on Twitter: ......

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The Huffington Post

5 Bittersweet Truths That Put Life Into Perspective

5 Bittersweet Truths That Put Life Into Perspective...

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The Huffington Post

12 Pieces of Advice to Survive the 'Almost Married' Life

Congratulations on your engagement! As I approach my third wedding anniversary, all of my "what ifs" and mistakes remain fresh in my memory. I am eag......

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The Huffington Post

How To Survive The Broken Hearts Club

This article is dedicated to all of you who know the depths of agony when walking through this world with a broken heart. If this applies to you, please ......

Open uri20160824 16325 h949dx article
The Huffington Post


I recall the moment I first witnessed the light hit my husband's face. I thought he was the most irresistibly scrumptious creature I had ever had the ple......

Open uri20160824 16325 wxiu1t article
The Huffington Post

Taming the Elusive Dragon of Time

Ah, the ever-changing seasons have so much to teach us. Just a few weeks ago, I was smacked with a rather disheartening scene as I turned down one of my......