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From Betty to Rita, the 1940s Were Dripping With Romance

Prepare to become hopelessly entrenched in its drama (and, learn a thing or two about the how the war shaped everything from accessories to silhouettes).

Mm3 grunge cover copy article

American Grunge 2.0: The Remix

Imagine for a moment that it's the fall of 1993.

Ashley black   white lacey dress article

Ashley Black Feature | Winter 2016 Issue of Mirabella Magazine

Imagine a world where you were not imprisoned by the genetic ailments you inherited.

Bbfxdsmw article

Interview With Fashion Icon Betsey Johnson | Summer 2016 Issue, Mirabella Magzine

"A true trend innovator, Betsey has long unapologetically flipped a confident 'middle finger' in the air to the constraints of trends throughout her 50 years in the fashion industry, and she has done so with a smile, a wink and cherry print fabric. Also, a cartwheel or two."

Mirabella magazine   hair is a big deal   lacey johnson article

Hair Is a Big Deal! | Fall 2015 Issue, Mirabella Magazine

"My hair has always been one of my most beloved and expressive
creative outlets, though the motivation to experiment with it is not exclusively driven by vanity and superficial indulgences alone. As women, the appearance of our hair is often a direct reflection
of our emotional states. "

Mirabella magazine   blonde ambitions   lacey johnson article

Blonde Ambitions | Summer 2016 Issue, Mirabella Magazine

"Jean Harlow is said to have been Hollywood's original blonde icon..."