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writer. journalist. editor.

Inspired Living. Personal Development. Wellness. Love & Relationships. Social Issues. Celebrity Interviews. Alternative Health. Beauty. Fashion. Pop Culture. History. Travel. Humor.

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Screen shot 2017 06 22 at 12.18.08 pm article

Internet Sensation Naja Rickette Spills Her Secrets on Abundance

Stop with the rotten tomato bits, already.

Screen shot 2017 06 13 at 4.10.20 pm article

My Mississippi Burning: A Tale of Racism and Religious Hypocrisy

Wasn't their venomous hatred a slap in the face to the savior they bowed their heads and wore their Sunday best for?

Screen shot 2017 06 22 at 11.35.18 am article

From Sightless to Visionary, Dr. Ming Wing Is One Unstoppable Immigrant

"In some ways, I am rescuing myself over and over again with my work."

Greg mankis design   human interest article

A Stroll Through the Mind of Artist, Entrepreneur and Internet Sensation Greg Mankis

No human endeavor is without evidence of creativity.

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Nashville Hypnotist Has Helped Thousands Reach Their Highest Potential

I had no inkling of the dramatic shift which was soon to burst into bloom and flourish throughout every corner of my life.